New Project: NFL 1972, Perfection Plus Forty

Look for a new project beginning tomorrow as I replay the 1972 NFL season!

And a great season it was, as the Miami Dolphins went 17-0. Pittsburgh and Oakland engaged in one of the great playoff battles ever, ending with an inconceivable finish…

Some great teams in the NFC as well.  Washington and Dallas were the front runners, with several one year wonders like Detroit, Green Bay, the New York Giants and Atlanta among them.

Remember that NFL rules were different in 1972. Games could end in ties after 60 minutes, as no regular season game went to overtime until that rule changed in 1974. Also, the goalposts were on the goal line, not the end line, as that rule didn’t change until 1974 as well. Eight teams made the playoffs: the champs of the East, Central, and West divisions, plus the best second place team in each conference, known as a Wild Card.

Sites for the playoff games were dealt on a rotational basis (for instance, Miami went to Pittsburgh for the AFC championship even though Miami hadn’t lost a game), but my NFL 1972 project will not use that system: I will give home field advantage to the teams with the best records. Ties for playoff spots will be broken by head-to-head records, divisional records (if applicable), conference records (if the tied teams played the same number of conference games), net points (points scored minus point given up), and points scored.

I will play as Miami, so each “week” you’ll see a post on the Miami game and a recap of other games, plus I’ll pick a player of the week.

Should be fun.