More Thoughts On OOTP 13

So I fired up OOTP 13 on the older and slower computer I have, a 2008 model running on Windows Vista, as my newer computer bit the dust and is on the stairway to computer heaven.  Pleased to report that the game runs well even on the old, reliable Vista.

I have this idea I use on my universes, thought I would share it.  I call it the “Boy Genius GM” concept.  It’s one of many concepts you can create in the game.  Heck, if you want to run an American Baseball League filled with players from Thailand, you can do it.  That is what’s so great about the OOTP series.  If you can imagine it, you can probably do it, and if you can’t, there’s always the next version of the game that might make things easier.

I pick a season as a starting point.  And I make myself, the “Boy Genius GM” 20 years or so younger.  I pick a team at random.  Most recently, I started a new “Boy Genius” universe in 1971, the year I was actually born in, and drew the St. Louis Cardinals, with Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, and Joe Torre.  What I do is watch the games go by super fast, let the in game manager do his things, and concentrate on trades, hires, and who to fire.

One point on trading.  If a trade puts you a good sized amount of money to the bad, don’t be afraid to ask your trading partner for money.  For example: I picked up reliever Jim Brewer of the Los Angeles Dodgers to boost up my bullpen.  But I noted that the trade would result in picking up $32,000.

Playing around with what I should ask back for in terms of cash, I got $24,000 from LA to minimize the initial cost of the trade.  And as a rule of thumb, you should try to ask the other team to help you recover 75% of your losses on the trade itself.  Won’t help you in the long term salary wise, but picking up a few thou here and there stretches what you can spend.