Fistic History: An Introduction

For my first new project for the new year of 2013, I thought I’d try something different: the history of prizefighting.

This project will use a simulator called Title Bout Championship Boxing from OOTP Developments, and here are the ground rules:

First, the game begins in 1885, the year John L. Sullivan was recognized as the last bare-knuckle champion and the first champion to wear actual boxing gloves.  All fighters who debuted prior to 1885 will debut as if they began in that year.

Second, the game will use the eight basic weight divisions and eventually expand to the 17 weight classes used today.  However, there will only be one world champion in each group.

Third, if there are fewer than 25 fighters in a weight class at the start of any year, I’ll add 25 randomly generated “tomato can” fighters with a prime rating of 0 to augment those divisions.

In my project, there is no color line, and I’m assuming (incorrectly at first, I know) that fighters are able to travel around the globe.

The fighters will randomly fight each other on the 1st of every odd numbered month.  At the end of 1885, the eight fighters with the best records advance to an elimination tournament to decide the first champion in the initial eight weight classes.  If there are ties to determine those eight fighters, I’ll do a random draw to determine who advances.  All tournament fights will go a maximum of 15 rounds.

From 1887 onward, the top five in each weight class, outside of the reigning champion, and the best rated fighters yet to receive a title shot meet in a de facto yearly series of eliminators to continually determine who the champion of each weight class is.  All elimination fights not involving the champion go a maximum of 12 rounds.

All title fights are 15 rounds, scored by two judges and the referee under the 10-point must system, and fights must be halted if a fighter goes down three times in any one round.  All other fights are scheduled for 10 rounds. Fighters can only be saved by the bell in the last round

And lastly, any fight stopped early to an unintentional head butt must have gone five rounds in order to reach a technical decision.