Fistic History: Notes From 1885

The year of 1885 has come and gone, and the eight fighters from each weight class have been found who will compete to be the first champions of the Professional Prizefighters Union in the new year of 1886.

Young Mitchell

Young Mitchell was the Fighter Of The Year for 1885, posting the one of many 6-0 records put up over the course of the first season of Fistic History.

Middleweight Young Mitchell was selected as Fighter Of The Year with a 6-0 record with 4 KO’s, and a performance rating of 1228, just beating out Jack McAuliffe and Bob Fitzsimmons.

The fighters that made the elimination tournament in each weight class are:

Heavyweights:  John L. Sullivan, Peter Jackson, Professor Charles Hadley, Jack Ashton, Bill Bradburn, Yankee Sullivan, Bill Farnan, and John J. Dwyer.

Light Heavyweights: Hector Rivera, Joe Butler, Al Dunn, Glen Jones, Leon Winchester, Antony Aston, Andrew Widdop, and Fred Pruitt.

Middleweights: Young Mitchell, Bob Fitzsimmons, Charles Turner, Frank Taylor, Jack Burke, Mike Lucie, Jim Pettengell, and Walter Payne.

Welterweights: Dick Sandall, Paddy Duffy, Rafael Duran, Bob Smith, Peter Campbell, Merrill Smiley, Rhys Orlander, and Dwight Osborn.

Lightweights: Jack McAuliffe, Bill Mahan, Charles Norton, Barney Donovan, Arthur Chambers, George Fulljames, Jem Carney, and Tommy Williams.

Featherweights: Tommy Danforth, Torpedo Billy Murphy, Dick Hollywood, Fred Johnson, Young Pluto, Sam Baxter, George Seddons, and Tommy Warren.

Bantamweights: Nunc Wallace, Jose Gutierrez, Richard Goodwin, Bill Hook, Carl Whitehead, Sergio Camarero, George Holden, and Richello Orille.

Flyweights: Robinson Ramos, Erasmus Kiefer, Donald Dorsey, Raul Cantu, Clancy Wallace, Danh-Canh Thach, Andy Rahilly, and Pepe Martinez.

Our next report will cover the results and awards for 1886.  See you then!