Fistic History: Notes From 1886


Bob Fitzsimmons

The year of 1886 has come and gone, and the inaugural champions of the PPU have been found.

They are (with RFG fighters denoted with an asterisk):

HEAVYWEIGHTS: Peter Jackson (9-0, defeated John L. Sullivan)

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHTS: Joe Butler (9-0, defeated Antony Aston*)

MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Bob Fitzsimmons (9-0, defeated Charles Turner)

WELTERWEIGHTS: Paddy Duffy (9-0, defeated Bob Smith)

LIGHTWEIGHTS: Jack McAuliffe (9-0, defeated Barney Donovan)

FEATHERWEIGHTS: Young Pluto (8-1, defeated George Seddons)

BANTAMWEIGHTS: George Holden (7-2, defeated Nunc Wallace)

FLYWEIGHTS: Erasmus Keifer* (8-1, defeated Clancy Wallace*)

The 1886 awards went to:

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Bob Fitzsimmons (9-0, PPU Middleweight Champion)

CONTENDER OF THE YEAR: Jack “Nonpareil” Dempsey (11-1, #1 Middleweight Contender)

PROSPECT OF THE YEAR: Jack “Nonpareil” Dempsey

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Charles Gleason (6-0 welterweight)