Fistic History: Notes From 1893

Peter Jackson picked up his 4th PPU Fighter Of The Year trophy in 1893.

Peter Jackson picked up his 4th PPU Fighter Of The Year trophy in 1893.

The ninth year of PPU action completed with the end of 1893.  A lot of changes to report in the champions roll call, as a big name went down to defeat to his main rival in December.


HEAVYWEIGHTS, Peter Jackson (31-0-1, 27 KO’s): Peter turned back the fifth challenge from James J, Corbett with another stoppage, and got off the deck twice to defeat John L. Sullivan (KO-14) in a brutal fight in September.

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHTS, Joe Choynski (22-2, 21 KO’s): Defeated Glen Jones to win the light heavyweight belt back a second time in Nebraska in December.

MIDDLEWEIGHTS, Jack Dempsey NP (33-6, 19 KO’s): Defeated Bob Fitzsimmons in their sixth meeting (TKO-6) to win the middleweight crown over in England.  Fitzsimmons announced after the fight that he’s moving up to the light heavyweight division.

WELTERWEIGHTS, Tommy Ryan (26-2-2, 22 KO’s): Kept the belt throughout 1893, although Joe Walcott took the champ to a draw recently in Seattle.

LIGHTWEIGHTS, George Lavigne (31-7-1, 19 KO’s): Lavigne won the belt a second time, defeating Jack McAuliffe down in Texas (KO-4) to avenge losing the title to him in Philly two years earlier.

FEATHERWEIGHTS, Young Griffo (28-5-1, 6 KO’s): Griffo’s also a two time titleholder now, besting Dick Hollywood in Australia for the belt, also in December (UD-15).

BANTAMWEIGHTS, Ike Weir (28-5-4, 9 KO’s): Weir’s a first time champ, going over to Italy recently to stop Casper Leon (KO-5) to win the title.

FLYWEIGHTS, Robinson Ramos* (24-13-7, 4 KO’s): The battle tested Ramos became Flyweight champ defeating Sinfronio Unipeg* for the belt in Mexico this past September.


Fighter Of The Year: Peter Jackson (4th such award)

Contender Of The Year: Bob Fitzsimmons (#1 light heavyweight contender, 2nd award)

Prospect Of The Year: Tom Hyer (#10 heavyweight contender)

Rookie Of The Year: Tom Sharkey (6-0 as a heavyweight)