The author, July 6th, 2012.

As long as he can remember, Paul Blom was interested in numbers.  He had a fascination with numbers that goes back to visiting the meat department at Publix supermarkets, where his father worked, and seeing an adding machine.

“I was hooked.  My mom and dad both worked at Publix at one time, but one of us or the other also had to get the groceries.  So she’d drop me off in the department and was plopped down in front of this strange device that I got the hang of very quickly.”

Growing up in Largo, Florida, Paul’s love of numbers continued into the 1980’s when the video game boom began.

“I was never a big Atari fan.  Intellvision was my favorite gaming system.  Used to play NFL Football and beat the tar out of anyone in their four on four football game.”

A love a complicated sports board games began when Paul went to high school.

“My first board game that was sports based was Statis Pro Football by Avalon Hill.  Made my own rules, including allowing NFL teams to go for a two point conversation long before the NFL adopted it in 1994.  I also had my own overtime system that was a lot like Vince McMahon’s short lived XFL, where each team got four downs from the opposing 20 yard line.  Later, I got hooked on Pursue The Pennant and Title Bout Championship Boxing.  I tried to explain my hobby to my girlfriend in the early 1990’s, but she didn’t seem to get my fascination.”

Currently, Paul lives in Pinellas Park, Fla. as a salesman and part-time writer.